L'Oréal finished its big tour !

Maud Fontenoy, first rowing woman to have managed of the solo crossing of the north Atlantic Ocean and first also to make a success of the crossing of Kon-Tiki ( Peru-Tahiti) in 2005, dashed into the adventure of the sail records.
For it, she acquired at first the ex Adrien drawn by the office Vaton Design, the holder of numerous records of whom that of the world tour back to front without solo stopover, to launch a new challenge: establish the reference time for the first solo feminine world tour against
prevailing winds and dominant currents and without stopover on the south road of the roaring forties .
Under the colors of L’Oréal, she quickly made a commitment in this adventure, storms are present soon, she resist bravely and from the first attempt, she pass without block 3 capes of the raring forties. In spite of an unfortunate broken mast in the Indian Ocean, having given up a towing towards the Maldive Islands she managed to  take up only a rigging of fortune which allowed her to reunite Reunion with reduced speed but by ending its trip in the sail and solo!
You can follow also all the details of this attempt by consulting the site .
14 Mars 2007, Oréal finishing the world tour by the south seas and returns in Reunion after 150 days of solo navigation, without stopover and against winds and currents.
Zurbagan : first runnings
Liot 65 : The returned hull is the course of decking
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Madikwe 56 : the decked hull in course of achievement
Nahema 120 : The mould of hull in the course of preparation for the stratification.
LOA = 29.10 m
Hull length = 27.80 m
Bmax = 6.27 m
TE = 1.32 m
Dspl = 58 t
Engines = 2 x 810 kW Baudouin
(gear 2 Hydrojets Hamilton HM 571)
Accomodation = 1 owner cabin/ 2 guest cabins/ 2 crew cabins
LOA = 12.5 m
Hull length = 11.50 m
Bmax = 3.64 m
Dspl = 7.1 t
TE = 0.86 m
Engines = 2 x 425 cv Mercruiser
(Z drive Mercury Bravo 1)
Vaton Design - 9 bis, rue Protis - 13007 Marseille - phone: 33 (0)4 91 54 00 00 - fax: 33 (0)4 91 54 82 40 - e-mail:
Nouvelles des chantiers

Fast Cruiser 90 ZURBAGAN
This magnificent ultra-modern designed sailboat has just been put in the water in June. It immediately get its first runs by asserting a temperament full of ardour with surprising possibilities of speed. You can discover the first photos on the corresponding page.

Liot 65
The construction in light alloy continues in the shipyard Launet, the aluminum hull is in progress of finishing. Already the forms of the hull express all the possibilities of this successful hull.

Madikwe 56
This very innovative unit also enters under construction, its concept of hull with multiple axes, double rudder, and its original accomodations with back saloon promises exceptional performances.
Its construction begun for some months quickly advances, its launch and its first edges are looked forward.

Cat 88 H2X Bradley
This catamaran motor yacht in light alloy with luxurious and extraordinarily luminous accomodations realized its first points of speed this spring. Launched in the water at La Ciotat, it took the sea some days later for a lightning cruising in the direction of Valencia to attend America Cup's final phases, where its presence was very noticed.  
A passage in the sea surprising associated with a high cruising speed for a motorization and a consumption without excess make of this unit a new reference in motor yacht catamarans.

Cat 100 Isis H2X
Motor yacht catamaran in composite of 31 mtr length with ultramodern fluid design. Its construction continues in Ciotat.

The Nahema range
From 120 to 150 feet, these catamarans of big cruise associate a very pure design and an elegant line with performances and exceptional comfort. The first 120 foot unit is under construction in the H2X shipyard. You can discover all their details in the corresponding pages or by clicking their pictures.

The Vaton Design office receives the ISS design award 2007 for the sailboat Zurbagan Garcia 90

Associated with the office of interior design Couedel Hougon design, the Vaton Design office places its last realization, the hi-tech monohull aluminium Zurbagan, at the top of the category sailboats from 23 to 36 m.
Particular mention for an exceptional compromise quality  price, the construction by the Norman construction site Garcia reaches a new standard there.
This prestigious unit since showed on the water its exceptional performances associated with an enjoyment and an outstanding marine behavior.
New projects

Explorer 260
In the same spirit as 200, this yacht of 80 metres in the outstanding sea qualities is optimized for an oceanic navigation safely and comfort. Mixed construction steel-composite for an optimization of the performances and a maximal enjoyment. You can admire it under diverse views in the corresponding pages.

Expression 25
Logically after 29 and 36, endowed with the same enjoyment and the comfort at the sea with exceptional performances also, this new day boat with convertible cockpit should quickly obtain a good success.
The 29' continuous successful and the shipyard Expression already takes a place of choice in the universe of the motonautism.

Cobra 90
This new project developed on the fine semi-planning hull of Open 85 SF possess the same characteristics of optimal return in the average speeds of the order of 25 Knots, with a passage in the sea - owed to its very original forms (extremely deep brion and advanced centre of gravity among others) - exceptional in any circumstances. And a design makes of aggressiveness and contained power.

Expression 36
The success of the Expression 29, the successful dayboat induce us to develop this concept in a bigger unit which keeps the same performance with speeds of the order of 40 to 45 knots according to the chosen motorisation. A support of bimini integrated into the optional proposed arch complete the enjoyment of this tiny motor yacht.
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